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Building and design for The Sims 2
I wanted to start a community that would showcase the building and design talents of my fellow Simmers. This is a challenge community, but not a contest community. There will be deadlines for all of the challenges, but there will be no definite "winner". There may be times when I create a contest, in which case the community members may vote for the winner. I want this to be a fun, open community!
- Be nice! Part of being human is that we all have different tastes.
- Only submissions to the challenges may be posted. If you would like to post something else, please contact me for permission.
- Don't be afraid to create something. Part of learning is doing!
- You MAY upload your houses when there is a challenge fit for you to do so, and you may post a download link to your submission post.
- Please credit the makers of the custom content you use in these challenges. You don't have to provide links, but at least the name of the creator unless you cannot find the information.
- Do NOT post any pictures outside of an LJ-cut.
- Maximum picture size is 600x450, which is the same size as the largest in-game camera.
- HAVE FUN! :)
Challenge Index
This will be updated as we go! :)
Contact me!
If you need to contact me for any reason, please send an e-mail to abodamer [at] livejournal [dot] com or simply leave a comment to an entry in this community. Please do NOT take community business to my personal journal!

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