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Magic Box - Challenge #6

Hello everyone!  It's time for another challenge!

This magic box challenge requires you to design a bathroom of specific dimensions with specific guidelines, listed below.

* You must NOT alter the footprint of the room in any way - with the exception of angled walls.  You MAY angle the corners, but you may ONLY lose that 1/2 square on the corner.  The size of the room must stay generally the same.
* You MUST include:  a sink, a toilet, either a shower or a bathtub [or a shower/tub combo], a decorative object, and a mirror [this does not count as your decorative object].  You must also include a window and a door to get in.
* You MUST play-test the bathroom.

Other Info
You may use any decorative cheats and any custom content.

The Deadline
Saturday, September 20, by midnight in whatever time zone you're in.

The Layout

Clickity!Collapse )

If you have any questions please comment here!

I'll be posting mine in a separate entry [for real this time :P].  The room is done but the pictures are not.