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Challenge #007

Apparently I like things in

Simply Home #7 01

This is Mon. Mon Opoly.

Simply Home #7 02

This is the outside of Mon’s kitchen and dining room.

Simply Home #7 03

This is the layout. Lots of black and white.

Simply Home #7 04

When you first walk in the door you see the breakfast nook, the fish tank, the clock and the other table.

Simply Home #7 05

Simply Home #7 06

Simply Home #7 07

Simply Home #7 08

Some closer shots plus a better look at the door.

Simply Home #7 09

Simply Home #7 10

Simply Home #7 11

There's the kitchen. I really like the kitchen.

Simply Home #7 12

Simply Home #7 13

Here's Mon winding the clock and stocking the fish tank.

Simply Home #7 14

Washing his hands to get the icky fish water off and proving the sink works.

Simply Home #7 15


Simply Home #7 16

Raiding the fridge...

Simply Home #7 17

Using the stove to cook.

Simply Home #7 18

Eating in the breakfast nook.

Simply Home #7 19

Cooking with the microwave.

Simply Home #7 20

Eating at the dining table.

Simply Home #7 21

Cleaning up the dishes after eating

Simply Home #7 22

Throwing away the newspaper.

The sad truth is he was eating the same meal both times. He burnt the first one. The first time I play tested and didn’t have large enough pictures he cooked both meals perfectly.

Ok, everything but the door and Mon’s hair, eyes, ears and tail was Maxis content.

Let's see...

The door: Eclectic Expressions Set by macarossi at MTS2

Not sure if this is needed, too, but...

Hair: I’m not sure. I’m almost positive it was from MTS2 though.
Eyes: Fantasy by pickpock at MTS2 (His are Feral)
Ears and Tails: Animal Kingdom by Atreya at MTS2 then the black recolor at Genensims