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Challenge #007

Apparently I like things in black and white.Collapse )

Challenge #7 - Magic Box

Gwynne Lawton, aspiring Broadway actress, won a chance to get her kitchen and dining room made over! We're wondering what she's doing in Caros Cove if she wants to make it big on Broadway, but logic is not Gwynnie's forte - she's a fortune and family sim torn between her career and her dashing doctor boyfriend.

Welcome to Gwynne's kitchen!Collapse )

Challenge #7 - Magic Box

For this challenge, I used Wisconsin Broke, one of my Big Brother 2 contestant's kids. He was just languishing there, not doing a lot. But he's so hot, I thought he better get some screen time :)
Challenge #7 - 21 picturesCollapse )

Magic Box #7: Kitchen & Dining Room

Step right up folks to see the Amazing Magic Box Kitchen and Dining Room! You'll be amazed and delighted, or your money back! Watch your step!


...what happened to the funness of challenges? >_>

Challenge #006

This is my first time posting in this community.

Blue...Collapse )

Challenge 6: the Magic Box

I figured this was an easy enough contest to begin with.

With a green theme...Collapse )

Challenge 006: Magic box

This is my first post to this community, so i hope it's done properly.

Girlie bathroomCollapse )

Magic Box: Challenge No.#6

I think I did this alright, I may or may not have messed something up lol.

Things aren't always shiny...Collapse )