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Challenge #7 - Magic Box

Gwynne Lawton, aspiring Broadway actress, won a chance to get her kitchen and dining room made over! We're wondering what she's doing in Caros Cove if she wants to make it big on Broadway, but logic is not Gwynnie's forte - she's a fortune and family sim torn between her career and her dashing doctor boyfriend.

Gwynnie's kitchen and dining room are now bigger than the rest of her house put together, but she's so happy with the makeover that she doesn't mind.

Gwynne enters her new kitchen and dining room for the first time. (And I vow to never take another picture in windowed mode.)

Who left this smelly dish here? The renovators? Although Gwynne is by nature lazy and less-than-neat, she does the washing-up.

Hmmmm, what to have for breakfast?

A crossant with jam! Just the thing! (Be careful with your one cooking point, Gwynnie!)

Somehow she managed not to burn the croissant. She enjoys the light meal in her art-deco dining room.

Then it's time to take out the trash. Somehow the country-styled kitchen works well with her urban loft floor and walls.
Custom Content Credit:

Door & windows - Breeze collection by Olemantinker from the old Insimenator.net
DR wall - MI Lifestone Wall by Michelle 0959, www.simsfan.de
Floor - Crooked bricks, orange, by Katana Nicolai200, Garden of Shadows
Kitchen - Faustine kitchen by Lithium @ simsdesignavenue.net
Kitchen clutter:
binders - fiddledeedee, GoS
Hairpin table planter - ShannaiSims, TSR
Fruit bowl - 4ESF
Dishrack - Alb@n
Paper towel holder - Aviolina, GoS
potted ivy - sweetswami77 @ MTS2
mugs, single & cluster - Ms Barrows @ TSR
water bottles - billyjean
various coffee-related clutter - Sandy @ ATS2
Milk carton & Heineken crate did not have creators listed in their descriptions and I don't remember where I got them

Dining Room - Art Deco dining room by Frances @ simsdesignavenue.net
Fireplace & picture - Willow collectionn, BuggyBooz @ MTS2
Photos - OM @ Avalon Sims
Dining Room plant - Sim Blender by TwoJeffs


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May. 25th, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Looks lovely! That kitchen set goes gorgeously with the walls and floors. :D
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